Hoax Museum Blog Posts: October 2006

Soldier Head Twist — On this footage from Google Video, it seems that a soldier is able to twist his head a full 180 degrees. One of the tags for the video says 'fake', and I can't work out whether or not it is (partially due to the problems I'm having with my computer, which means that video tends to make it shut down). My gut feeling says it isn't real, though.
Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006.   Comments (18)

Elevator Illusion — The floor of this elevator, in Taiwan, is painted to look as if there is no floor, just the lift shaft. As someone who's terrified of heights, I would need to be crowbarred into this lift. There's not a chance of me voluntarily travelling in it - it would freak me out too much. Yes, I'm a wuss. (Thanks, Charybdis.)
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006.   Comments (22)

Quick Links: Banyan Tree Gets Police Protection, etc. — Banyan Tree Gets Police Protection A century-old banyan tree in Jakarta has been given police protection after a group of youths attacked it to prove it had no mystical powers. Parents Kidnap Bride-To-Be The day before her wedding, Julianna Redd's parents told her they were taking her on a shopping trip. Instead, they drove her 240 miles to Colorado and held her there until after the wedding was supposed to take place. 3D Studies of the Mona Lisa New 3D studies of the Mona Lisa have…
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006.   Comments (6)

Yellow Lines Painted Under Parked Car — Nasser Khan left his car in what he was sure was an unmarked section of road. He was understandably bemused to return the next morning only to find yellow lines beneath his car and a ticket for illegal parking on his windscreen. CCTV footage showed workmen crouching beneath the car to paint in the lines, whilst a traffic warden waited to write the ticket. It appears that the machinery used to paint the lines damaged the tyres on Mr Khan's car, which were then declared unroadworthy by…
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006.   Comments (16)

‘Mockumentary’ May Get Superintendent Fired — Rich Mitchell may lose his job after making a mock documentary portraying his staff as killers, strippers and drug dealers. The Bremen High School District Superintendent did video interviews with his faculty members, then spliced in his own footage. "How do you like to unwind?" Bremen High School District Superintendent Rich Mitchell asks in the mock documentary that he later posted on the Internet. The tape cuts to a teacher who replies: "I enjoy a lot of leisure activities." "Such…
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006.   Comments (10)

Quick Links: Man Dives 50 Feet for 20 Dollars, etc. — Man Dives 50 Feet for 20 Dollars $20 blew out of Mark Giorgio's hand when he was crossing a bridge. So he followed it. Prisoners Train as Crocodile Handlers Five prisoners from Darwin Correction Centre in Northern Australia are currently involved in an 11-week rehabilitation pilot scheme. Mosquito Dance Track The Mosquito anti-teenager device has theoretically already been used as a ring tone. Now it's being made into a dance track - 'Buzzin' - which mixes two tracks, one normal, and…
Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006.   Comments (8)

Talking Elephant — A sixteen-year-old Asian elephant named Kosik has been found to echo eight words back to his keeper. Staff at the South Korean amusement park say that Korik 'says' words such as 'yes', 'no', 'sit' and 'lie down' by putting his trunk into his mouth and shaking it whilst exhaling. It is not known whether Kosik knows the meaning of the words, but spectograms show that the elephant's voice frequency is a 94% match with his keeper's voice, prompting speculation that he is trying to bond…
Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006.   Comments (8)

Quick Links: Eating Sand, etc. — Woman eats 1.5kg of sand daily Ram Rati, 80, credits her good health to her sand-eating habit. I'm amazed she's still alive if she really eats that every day. Sounds to me like she may have the eating disorder pica. A case of gnome-icide Store causes controversy by selling "stabbed" gnomes. "Shelly Oldfield, of Wakefield, was shopping with her elderly mother at Tong Garden Centre, Bradford, when they stumbled across the lifeless bodies – on sale for £9.99 each – and raised the alarm."
Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006.   Comments (12)

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