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September 2006
Motorcycle-Eating Tree
Posted by The Curator on Thu Sep 21, 2006
Back in July I posted about a bicycle-eating tree in Washington state. That tree is real. Now here we have a motorcycle-eating tree. I don't have much information about it. According to the site I found it on, the picture was taken in Thailand. I'm inclined to think it's real. After all, there are trees that grow quite fast, and this motorcycle does look rusted.
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Con Artist Poses as Rock Star
Posted by Boo on Wed Sep 20, 2006
A man identifying himself as Rob Valenti claimed to have been the guitarist for REO Speedwagon and managed to con two men out of hundreds of dollars. On Saturday, he contacted real estate agents, saying he was interested in purchasing property as a tax investment. After they'd showed him properties from $800,000 upwards, he started preliminary paperwork on at least two properties, before the agents bought him dinner and arranged for him to have a room for the night. That evening, he met with two men and two women at a…
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Real-Life Donkey Kong?
Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 20, 2006
It took me a while to decide whether or not this photo had been photoshopped, perhaps because I really wanted it to be real. But eventually I grudgingly decided it had to be photoshopped. (I was thinking an artist may have placed cardboard cutouts on the scaffolding.) I found the photo on, which identifies the building as McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The photo was taken by Steve Ingkavet.
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Quick Links: Magic Goats, etc.
Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 20, 2006
Murdered goat turns into man Here's an original alibi: What I killed was a goat, Officer. Then that goat magically transformed into my brother. I'd like to see this excuse appear in an episode of CSI. Man, 29, passes for toddler Mark Coshever flew from Britain to Amsterdam using his two-year-old daughter's passport. Airline staff never noticed. He must have a babyface. Fifth grader generates glass pieces from her head "The phenomenon started when Sarita fainted one day after which she began to bleed from the forehead and a sliver of glass came out. However, the wound healed soon after that, leaving no…
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The First Amish Newsletter
Posted by Boo on Tue Sep 19, 2006
The First Amish Newsletter is a fake website with this introduction: Hello! My name is Eli Lapp and I'd like to welcome thee to the first Amish Newsletter, made by the American Amish for the American Amish. Now that we've hit the 21st Century, our church elders have decided that we will try to not be so "technologically impaired". We are discovering electricity, computers, and other modern wonders. I'm especially enjoying this thing called Internet! Throughout the site are many nice little touches - I particularly like the buggy safety page with its…
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See The Lord!
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 18, 2006
If you feel deprived because you've never had a vision of Jesus, here's your chance to see him float before your eyes. Just look at the image below and follow these instructions (via somareview). 1. Relax and concentrate on the four small dots in the middle of the image for roughly 30 or 40 seconds. 2. Then, stare at a blank wall near you (any smooth, single-colored surface will do). 3. You will see a circle of light developing—the onset of a holy vision. 4. Blink your eyes a few times as the figure begins to emerge. 5. What do you see? Or rather, who do you see?... Congratulations. You just…
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1979 Pakistan Airlines WTC Ad
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 18, 2006
Alex from Colombia sent me this picture. He writes: This is supposed to be a PAKISTAN AIRLINES ad, posted on the newspaper LE POINT on March 19, 1979. It announced nonstop voyages from Pakistan to New York. I saw it on this page. Interesting coincidence. This image has been circulating widely around the internet during the past week. For instance, it appeared on Digg four days ago. The question is, is the image really an ad from 1979? Following the link chain…
Waterlily Supports Baby
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 18, 2006
Marco sends along this photo of a baby supported by a Victoria amazonica, a giant waterlily from South America. He writes: The Leiden Hortus Botanicus grows Victoria amazonica in one of their greenhouses. So what better way for the Hortus Botanicus to get some publicity than to organize a photoshoot for mothers with their babies, having the latter posing on one of such Victoria amazonica leaves? Apparently however, they were not so sure themselves about the myth that the leaves can…
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Posted by The Curator on Sun Sep 17, 2006
I've been guilty of ignoring LonelyGirl15. For months I've been getting emails asking me whether or not she's real. I checked out her YouTube videos, and I'll admit that I found it hard to care whether or not she was real (maybe because I'm getting old), so I never posted about her. (Though there has been a thread in the forum about her for over a month.) But I evidently misjudged her appeal, because this week there have been hundreds of articles about her following the revelation that she was a fake. For anyone who has somehow…
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Quick Links: Sheep Rescued from Tree, etc.
Posted by Boo on Fri Sep 15, 2006
Sheep Rescued from Tree Firemen were called to rescue a sheep, later nicknamed 'Tarzan', from seven metres off the ground. (Thanks, Gerrit.) Oldest New World Writing Discovered A stone slab discovered in Mexico in the 1990s shows the oldest example of New World writing, new evidence suggests. (Thanks, Dave.) Pierce Your Ride As far as I can tell, a non-hoax website selling vehicle piercings. They look pretty cool, and I have to say that, if I drove, I wouldn't mind them on my car... (Thanks, Big Al.)
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Irwin Fans Take Revenge on Stingrays?
Posted by Boo on Thu Sep 14, 2006
In the period of time since Steve Irwin was killed after being attacked by a stingray, at least ten stingrays have been found dead on the East coast of Australia, news sources report. Many of the stingrays have had their tails cut off. Government officials are investigating, and say there could be prosecutions. There is no proof that the incidents are related to Mr Irwin, but a quote from a spokesman for the Fisheries Department said that fishermen who inadvertently caught stingrays sometimes cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but such a practice was uncommon.
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Ghost Tree
Posted by Boo on Wed Sep 13, 2006
People have been crowding around a seven-metre betel nut tree in Kuala Lumpur. The tree has developed what looks like a human face on one of its fronds, the
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Quick Links: Q-Ray, MIT, and Stupid Criminals
Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 13, 2006
Q-Ray Made To Pay Remember the Q-Ray bracelet? There was a thread about it in the old forum. This "miracle bracelet" could do everything from curing arthritis to helping you win a marathon. Now a judge has slapped its inventor with a $22.5 million fine for false advertising. Turns out it couldn't do any of that stuff after all. Who would have thought? Woman Robs Bank With Toy Gun Another Stupid Criminal. Or perhaps a criminal suffering from senile dementia. A 79-year-old woman "walked into the Bank of America branch Tuesday morning and told a teller that she'd just come from the dentist and could only speak quietly...…
Tahoe Tessie
Posted by The Curator on Tue Sep 12, 2006
I spent the weekend in a small town (King's Beach) on the coast of Lake Tahoe. While there I figured I would investigate the local legend of Tahoe Tessie, a monster that supposedly lives in the lake. However, the legend doesn't appear to be widely known, even in the Tahoe area. Most people whom I asked about it gave me a blank stare. Some details that I found on include that: Legends of this creature first began to surface in the mid-1800's, when members of the Washoe…
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Quick Links: Police Threaten Arrest Over Gnome, etc.
Posted by Boo on Mon Sep 11, 2006
Police Threaten Arrest Over Gnome Police are unamused by Gordon MacKillop's glowing garden gnome. Apparently it is offensive to his neighbours. Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad A joke site that has pretty much what the title suggests. Priest Confesses to Madonna Threat "A 63-year-old Dutch priest has confessed to calling in a phony bomb threat last week before a pair of Madonna concerts in Amsterdam in a last-ditch effort to stop the singer from staging her mock-crucifixion act, officials said Friday."
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