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March 2006
Fur-Bearing Crab
Posted by The Curator on Fri Mar 10, 2006
Status: Fake (I think) Dethcheez saw the picture of the fur-bearing lobster, and emailed me these pictures of a fur-bearing crab. I assume it's fake, with the fur glued on, though I could be wrong. (I would have thought the picture of the furry lobster was fake also, if the creature wasn't written up in a scientific journal.) As Dethcheez points out, the furry crab looks a lot like one of those troll figurines with the wild Don King hair. Whether real or fake, I'd like to get my hands on one. It would look cool sitting in my office. I'd also like to buy a mounted fur-bearing trout. I've been…
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JT Leroy: The Movie
Posted by The Curator on Thu Mar 09, 2006
Status: Movie planned about a recent hoax Variety reports that the JT Leroy hoax is already heading to the big screen. The Weinstein Company has committed to making a film about Laura Albert's elaborate deception. (Laura Albert was the woman who invented the JT Leroy character.) The time between the hoax being exposed and a movie deal about it being inked seems to have occurred incredibly fast. What is it... a month or two since the hoax was confirmed? The dust has barely settled. I hope the movie is good. In its favor is that hoaxes seem to…
The Fur-Bearing Lobster
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 08, 2006
Status: Real Science has long recognized the existence of the fur-bearing trout, which lives in the rivers and lakes of North America. Now its Pacific cousin has been found: the fur-bearing lobster (scientific name Kiwa hirsuta). According to the BBC, "A US-led team found the animal last year in waters 2,300m (7,540ft) deep at a site 1,500km (900 miles) south of Easter Island, an expert has claimed. Details appear in the journal of Paris' National Museum of Natural History." So what is the purpose of the fur? Scientists speculate that "the 'hairy' pincers contained lots of filamentous bacteria... The…
Hippo Eats Dwarf Book Review Contest
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 08, 2006 has started shipping copies of Hippo Eats Dwarf. So anyone who pre-ordered it should be receiving it soon. This also means that people can now post customer reviews of it on Amazon. Obviously there are no reviews of it yet, and the book looks kind of lonely without any. This has given me an idea for a contest. I point out in Hippo Eats Dwarf that a significant number of the customer reviews on Amazon are fake (glowing reviews posted by friends of the author, or by the authors themselves). I also point out that it's quite common for reviewers to never read the books they're reviewing. As the Scottish reverend Sidney Smith once…
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MIT Dome Wins Gold Medal
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 08, 2006
Status: Prank Pranksters at MIT struck again last week. On Tuesday morning school officials discovered a massive Olympic gold medal hanging from the MIT dome. News reports state: MIT officials said the medal was likely a prank, but they did not know how it was done or who did it. The school also said it never gave permission for the building to become a gold medal winner. The school has not said how long the medal will stay. The MIT dome, of course, has been the focus of many, many pranks over the years. The first dome decoration…
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Free Breast Implants With Credit Card
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 08, 2006
Status: Hoax The Plastic Assets credit card company is making an attractive offer: free breast implants if you sign up for their card. They promise that "With a low APR and bigger breasts, you will be ready for anything!" And you also get free lip injections for every friend you refer. The site is well designed — well enough designed to plausibly pass for an actual credit card company site. But it's a hoax. The site is part of the Huffington Post Contagious Festival (as you can find out if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of it),…
85-year-old Woman To Climb Everest
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 08, 2006
Status: Hoax (mockumentary) Mary Woodbridge, from Greenfield, Great Britain, plans to climb Mount Everest, and she's taking her dachsund, Daisy, with her. Some might think her age will prove an obstacle (she's 85), but Mary is very confident in herself and has set herself some real challenges. She writes: I'm not really into this whole camping thing. So Daisy and I will choose a direct route from the Base Camp to the Top... We have decided to go without Sherpas. Poor guys! I can certainly carry my own food (I have prepared a solid Irish Stew and Power Crunchies!) and…
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Nessie Was an Elephant
Posted by The Curator on Tue Mar 07, 2006
Status: Interesting theory Accipiter beat me to this story, posting it in the forum earlier today, but it's worth reposting here for the benefit of those who read the site via RSS (or those who don't check out the forum). Scottish paleontologist Neil Clark has come up with a new theory about Nessie's true identity. He suggests that Loch Ness's most famous resident is (or rather was) an elephant. His theory goes like this: A number of circuses visited the Loch Ness area in the early 1930s (when Nessie mania began, as I note on my…
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The Kitten Killer of Hangzhou
Posted by The Curator on Tue Mar 07, 2006
Status: Real (unfortunately) A series of pictures showing a woman crushing a kitten to death with her stiletto heels is causing an uproar over in China. The pictures first appeared on the internet and have recently been published by some Chinese newspapers. The woman in the photos has been dubbed the Kitten Killer of Hangzhou, because the background scene has been identified as Hangzhou. I've been able to locate four of the pictures in the series, but I think there are a few more (far more graphic) ones. Here are the ones I found (I don't have larger versions):
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Pet Moose
Posted by The Curator on Mon Mar 06, 2006
Status: Undetermined (but there's no reason to doubt it's true) Thanks to Adam Downs for forwarding me these images that are doing the rounds. I haven't been able to find out any information about them (such as who the woman is, or when the pictures were taken), but they're accompanied by this caption: This lady, who lives just on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, Ontario, has a friendly Bull Moose who has become her friend. He likes to stick his head into her house and is very friendly. Pictures taken at her home last week. He wants in. Helping himself to a drink. Come on in and have a snack. Also she took a picture…
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A Meditation on the Speed Limit
Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 01, 2006
Status: Civil Disobedience Prank In order to demonstrate the stupidity of the 55 mph speed limit, four Atlanta students pulled a dangerous stunt: they all drove exactly 55 mph on the highway, in a line, thereby blocking the flow of traffic and creating an enormous traffic jam. Check out the video of it. I realize the students thought they were doing something clever, but as I watched the video I found myself getting more and more angry at them. It was like experiencing road rage while sitting behind a computer. I kept imagining the people in the blocked traffic who probably had to get…
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