VOGUÉ, Jean Pierre de, Flemish adventurer,
b. in Malines in 1570; d. in Brazil in 1630. He
was a captain in the Spanish army when, hearing
the fabulous description of the country of the Es-
meraldas, he went to Espiritu Santo, in Brazil,
and succeeded to the command of the colony
that had been founded there. The establish-
ment soon dissolved, as the adventurers were only
anxious for riches; and Vogué, having announced
that he knew the location of the Mountain of
Wealth, was soon at the head of a host, and led
an expedition to the interior of the Mamalucos
country, wandering for several years through cen-
tral and south Brazil, and suffering many mis-
fortunes. His confidence in ultimate success was
never shaken, but he was abandoned by his follow-
ers, and fell at last into the hands of the Charcas
Indians. It is supposed that he died during his
captivity, although the "Colleccão de alguns manu-
scriptos curiosos" credits to him the work "Jor-
nada por el descobrimento de las Serras Esme-
raldas" (Seville, 1690).

From Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography