Time Period: 2005-Present

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January 2008
Vote for Dean Hrbacek
In this flyer distributed by Hrbacek's campaign, the candidate's head was pasted onto the body of a significantly slimmer man.
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October 3, 2007
Paper Tiger
The South China tiger in this photo, a species feared to be extinct, turned out to be a paper cutout.
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August 2007
Sarkozy’s Disappearing Love Handles
Paris Match was accused of pandering to French President Nicolas Sarkozy when it reduced the size of his love handles in this photo of him canoeing with his son.
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July 2007
The French Dinner
This fake picture caused a scandal in Malaysia because it appeared to link the country's deputy prime minister to the murder of a young woman.
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Found on the internet, early 2007
Suicidal Teens Welcome
The armed forces does not really actively recruit suicidal teenagers.
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Oscar Mayer Wiener Jet
This fake image was probably created as a joke by the graphic designers whom Boeing commissioned to create the livery for the 747-400 Largo Cargo Freighter. The plane's unusual shape evidently reminded the designers of a hot dog. It initially appeared online in early 2007, but it gained a new boost of popularity in mid-2009 following the death of Oscar Mayer, the retired chairman of the Oscar Mayer corporation.
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Hercules, the World’s Biggest Dog
The massive dog in this photo is not named Hercules. It hasn't been deemed World's Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Nor is it an English Mastiff. However, all this incorrect info often circulates with the image. The identity and owner of the dog remains unknown. Its size here is presumed to be a result of image manipulation. However, other images show the same dog massively large. So there's a chance the dog's size is genuine.
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September 2006
Katie Couric Slimmed Down
A digitally slimmed down version of Katie Couric appeared in CBS's Watch magazine.
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August 5, 2006
Fake Smoke Over Beirut
A freelance photographer heightened the drama of this image distributed by Reuters by adding additional smoke.
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Published in 2006. Debunked in 2008.
“Qinghai-Tibet railway opens green passage for wildlife”
This award-winning Chinese photo appeared to show the peaceful co-existence of antelope with a new high-speed train. Unfortunately the photo was a digital composite.
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December 2005
Holiday Greetings, from Spain’s Royal Family
Unable to gather for a photo shoot, the Spanish royal family instead digitally assembled for its Christmas holiday photo.
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Created in 2005. Circulating online since 2008.
“I can promise, this will never get done”
Artist Alison Jackson uses lookalikes to create images of "celebrities ostensibly caught unawares."
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April 2005 issue of Popular Photography
Migrant Mother Makeover
Popular Photography's readers were outraged when the magazine ran a feature on how Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother photo could be improved.
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March 2005
Martha’s Last Laugh
Newsweek indicated nowhere on the cover that this shot was actually a composite image of Martha Stewart's head pasted onto a model's body.
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February 1, 2005
Islamic Hostage Action-Figure Hoax
Hostage "John Adam," whose photo appeared on internet bulletin boards used by Iraqi rebels, turned out to be a Cody action-figure doll.
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Appeared online in early January 2005
Tsunami Seen From a High-Rise
This photo supposedly showed a scene from the devastating Asian tsunami of December 2004, but the city in the picture is Antofagasta, Chile.
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