The Tall-Tale Creature Gallery

'Tall-Tale Creature-ology' is a venerable branch of Natural History dedicated to the study of fauna and flora possessing properties of a fantastic and remarkable nature. It should be distinguished from its close cousin Cryptozoology, which is the study of creatures that prefer to remain hidden. The Museum of Hoaxes would like to go on record stating that it neither denies nor confirms the existence of any of the creatures listed below.

This fierce creature, sometimes known as the 'dry-land piranha,' was imported into West Virginia in 2001, where it promptly ran amok.

Australian Drop Bear
According to legend, you can tell if these dangerous creatures are hiding in a gum tree by lying on your back beneath the tree and spitting upwards. If the Drop Bear is up there, it'll spit back.

Bare-Fronted Hoodwink
This bird possesses a remarkable ability to avoid being seen or heard. If ever spotted in its natural habitat, it can be recognized by its blurred appearance and extremely rapid motion away from the observer.

Big Roosters
Sometimes roosters grow very, very big.

Dog-collared Sombre Blackbird
Members of this avian species typically congregate near old buildings with spires. They are often found flocking with members of the common laity.

Fur-Bearing Trout
A species of fish that grows a luxuriant coat of fur in order to keep itself warm in the cold Northern waters that it calls home.

A terrifying creature native to Wisconsin. Believed to be the 'long-sought missing link between the ichthyosaurus and the mylodoan'.

Hotheaded Naked Ice Borers
Bony plates in their heads become superheated, allowing these small rodent-like animals to burrow at high speeds through ice.

Ice Worms of the Klondike
If the weather is cold enough, these tiny creatures will crawl out of their homes in the ice in order to bask in the frigid air.

A species of antlered rabbit indigenous to the American West. Also known as the 'Warrior Rabbit'.

Jumpin' Yuccy (aka Schuss-Yucca)
This amazing plant grows ten to twenty feet straight up into the air in a matter of seconds. The force of its growth is rumored to be able to kill a grown man, should he accidentally get in its way.

A man-like creature that inhabits the jungles of Guiana. Discovered in the 1820s by the naturalist Charles Waterton.

A species of winged hare indigenous to Sweden.

Curious, nasally-gifted creatures that inhabited the Hi-yi-yi Islands in the Pacific Ocean, before they were destroyed by an earthquake.

White Russian Shore Muddler
A strange Swedish creature that possesses features of a pig, squirrel, and water fowl.

Woofen-Poof (aka Eoornis Pterovelox Gobiensis)
A rare bird found in the Gobi Desert. Known to look remarkably like the hood ornament of a car, perhaps because of its shiny metallic appearance.