Historical Gallery of Hoaxes:
After 2000

(in reverse chronological order)

2001: Gorgeous Guy
Would-be cyber-celebrity hypes himself on internet

2001: Kaycee Nicole Swenson
Virtual girl dies of cancer

2001: The Lovenstein IQ Report
Report rates presidential IQs

2000: Snowball, The Monster Cat
The case of the 87-pound cat

2000: Bonsai Kittens
No longer be satisfied with a house pet having the same mundane shape as all other members of its species

2000: The Toronto Film Festival Hoax
Fake star gate-crashes festival

2000: Shinichi Fujimura's Stone Age Discoveries
Leading archaeologist fakes finds

2000: The Safeway E-Mail Hoax
Safeway advises its customers to shop elsewhere

2000: The Emulex Hoax
23 year-old college student terrifies Wall Street

2000: Fineman Films
Small movie studio seeks investors

2000: Freewheelz
Internet-age company gives away free cars

2000: The New York City April Fool's Day Parade
TV news crews search for this imaginary parade

2000: The Thailand Ghost Swindle
The Thai version of the Blair Witch Project

2000: The Final Curtain
Cemetery theme park

2000: The Ultimate Lie
What you get when you challenge college students to tell the best lie

2000: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Final Farewell
Famous author bids farewell to the world

2000: The Moscow Philharmonic Hoax
Rogue musicians pose as the Moscow Philharmonic