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Indiana jones might have been on to sonmething.
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As most of you know the indiana series features “real” objects treasures that only apear in legends but have a huge impact on life.But the newest movie about the crystal skulls is somehow linked to the real legend about them the 13 skulls will be revealed in the time we need it most as the mayans believe near the time of december 20 2012 to be exact.If you guys find this too much like everything else like the nibiru post you may close this thread smile no skin of my nose go here if u want more info.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_skulls


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The skulls artistically convey the notion that the human mind itself is a crystal ball to the other side. I think of it as just having the power of art to project and to draw out inner human potential.
The legend of the appearance of all the lost skulls and their ability to stop the end of the world by some sort of magic circle may be just another way of bridging the gap between the material and the esoteric worlds and reaching the skeptics interested mainly in legitimate scientific energy by endowing the skulls with tremendous power of a substantial nature. Modern shamanistic writers may be behind the legend. One can call it a hoax but I can see the value in any hoax.

My question is if the storyline of the Russians looking for a skulls in Indiana Jones makes any sense historically? I seem to recall the KGB being interested in remote viewing of some sort but not much else. I can see why they chose to make the Communist villain a woman. Was she related to Rasputin, perhaps?

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