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Definite proof that the Ice Giant, Inca Giant, Sunken Giant and the Persian Giant are a hoax by the same person.
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Sooo… a couple weeks ago I watched the video of the so called remains of a giant in India. It originated from the Giantology website http://www.giantology.typepad.com/ which was discussed in various threads in this forum. As India has a large movie industry my first thoughts were that the video is probably a clip from a movie. I didn’t care much and surfed away. A couple days later I found myself on the same website again after following a link after watchin another giant video. I bookmarked the website and came back a couple days later only to find more giant stories… It seemed weird to me that only this guy has all the stories. I googled for stuff related to his site and I noticed that I’m not the only one being suspicous. It is rumored that his site is part of an ad campaign for a computer game - which is probably true as I found some interesting stuff… I have proof that all those giants are originating from the same person.

Instead of analyzing his photos and videos I did one simple thing…. I checked the HTML code the following sites linked from the Giantology blog. A move that turned out to be very interesting indeed….

The following websites are apparently set up by people involved in finding and digging up the giants and are linked from the Giantology blog:

http://paleoshilling.nl/ (The Persian Giant)
http://divethedeepscuba.com.au (The Sunken Giant)
http://arkadysimkin.pl (The Ice Giant)
http://www.familysayre.net/ (The Inca Giant)

All those websites were coded by using the same HTML editor! They were coded in similar fashion - probably by the same person.

Every HTML page starts with

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

Note that every HTML editor has a different style. Some include the name of the editor in the opening, some are simply starting with the usual html tag, some include the doctype reference. It would be a HUGE coincidence if all those people creating the websites linked from the Giantology blog used the same HTML editor independent from each other. Also, the coding style overall is very similar. Anyone that knows a bit of HTML can check it out himself.

More “coincedences” that I found in the code: Two sites are using the very same Javascript for mouseover picture swaps in their menu, two sites are using the same counter.


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