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Bigfoot revealed!!!
Posted: 20 September 2007 06:52 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Well in this case anyway. 

Manitoba Mounties nab Whiteshell ‘sasquatch’
Teen in gorilla mask frightened campers for two years
Last Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 | 5:20 PM CT
CBC News
Mounties in eastern Manitoba have nabbed a strange, hairy monster that has been stalking campgrounds in and around the Whiteshell Provincial Park for the past two summers.

Police received the call around midnight on July 30 from a woman who had been startled by the beastly creature while camping at Pinawa, about 90 kilometres east of Winnipeg.

“This was further to about 10 calls we had last year of the same incident in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, so the members were aware of the type of person we were looking for,” Staff Sgt. Glen Reitlo told CBC News Wednesday.

“A couple of our members attended and ended up finding the sasquatch.”

link to article


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*In the Secret Monsters’ Clubhouse, a deep subterranean cavern where monsters the world over can go via a network of tunnels connecting all corners of the earth, the monsters play poker and toss back a few drinks*

Nessie- “And I said “Rectum? I nearly f***in’ killed him!”

Yeti- “Ha! That’s a good one.”

Tatzelwurm- “HA! Zis is an innuendo! Ze basis of all British humour! Zis is most amusing.”

Dobhar Chu- “Any of you lads any ideas about when the Minotaur is gettin’ here? I says to him, “Get your arse to poker on Friday” so I said. And for sure he’s not here.”

Yeti- “You try and find your way out of a Labyrinth and see if you’re on time.”

Bigfoot- “Yeah, can’t be easy for the guy.”

*Werewolf runs in*

Werewolf- “You guys, it’s all over the internet! Some woman bitched about Bigfoot to the authorities!”

Dobar Chu- “Faith and begora lad, have you been running around in the nip again? No wonder the woman’s been complaining when she’s seen your big feckin’ arse!”

Nessie- “Aye buy a loincloth or something.”

Werewolf- “No, you don’t get it. The authorities she complained to were the MOUNTIES! They’re out looking for him!”

Yowie- “Streuth mate! Mounties?”

Nessie- “Oh you are SO f***ed.”

Yowie- “Less chance than a shrimp on a barbie, mate.”

Dobhar Chu- “Aye, ‘tis a sin so it is. The Mounties, they’ll be like a Dubliner after a drink so they will.”

Bigfoot- “Will not!”

Tatzelwurm- “I am of ze thinking zat you are as screwed as ze prostitute in ze brothel.”

Yeti- “Yeah, you still need to work on getting the sexual innuendo right but nice try.”

Nessie- “Look what happened to the Jackalope! He riled up the Mounties and look what happened to him. Now all that’s left of that poor bugger is novelty postacards.”


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- Voltaire

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Nice, Renquist. LOL LOL LOL

If you read the full article, it sounds like Bigfoot would have to be more worried about riling up the woman that got scared. LOL


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