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Hoax Cancer Update from John Hopkins: could not find the story here but could find it elsewhere…
Posted: 28 June 2007 05:39 AM
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I got an email tonight warning me of the dangers of using plastics in microwave ovens as they apparently release dioxins, which are extremely poisonous.  The info apparently came from John Hopkins and was quite detailed.  So I came to this site _always very good at telling me that such emails are known hoaxes. I put “John Hopkins cancer dioxin hoax” into your search engine and came up with nothing.  Some time later I searched for almost the same words in google and quite a few of the “hoax” specialist websites had lot of info about the email.  See http://www.hoax-slayer.com and/or http://www.hoaxbuster.com if you want to. Yes, it was a hoax.

So, to update your records or not to update your records?  That is the question.

Thanks for the site, as usual.  Wish I had more time to visit often… Lots here to read and enjoy…. Great site!

Posted: 28 June 2007 06:20 AM   [ # 1 ]
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Alex actually covers this in his second book, Hippo Eats Dwarf but has made passing mention of it on this site. See here  (second post down, mingled in with the microwaved-water-killing-plants content) or for a more generalised account of how microwaves are bad for you see here. 😊


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