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Vivian Grey / Pyschic from Tennessee
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Transfrmr - 29 June 2007 03:20 AM

Thanks Stargazer, I actually started doubting myself today on the double-slit experiment and was just reading a couple of really good articles. That’s what I get for going on what I was taught in school and not going out and looking myself. I actually hadn’t realized the method they were using to locate the slit that was being used at the quantum level, and yeah, ummm scratch all that gobledegook.

I guess the point I was trying to make in general is that it isn’t necessarily believing psychic phenomena are possible that causes so many problems, it’s believing that someone can “master” or reproduce it regularly, on demand, and basing your life upon it. Any time you put your decision in someone else’s hands with absolute trust you’re just asking for that trust to be abused. Human nature sucks.

It’s not really belief in any one particular thing that is the problem. And having an open mind is good, but not one so open your brain spills out. The problem is that people who start to truly believe in psychics and things of that nature rarely stop with one belief. It’s the entire mindset of believing in things with no proof, or more specifically, with mountains of evidence against it, that I have a problem with.

And, I definitely do think it’s dangerous. Obviously not for every single person, but then driving without a seatbelt is only dangerous if you get in a wreck. I still wear one.


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