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Jkcinema presents the “Urban Legends Series”
Posted: 14 June 2007 07:31 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Though many things featured in these short videos have already been proven a hoax, the presentation makes some of these very creepy.  Note the disclaimers, though.

Here’s a link to the overall site: 
Urban Legends Series

This one does your basic and most well-known urban legends.  Most of these already have an explanation, but they are fun to watch:
Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction?

The voice creeps me out the most about this one:
Urban Legends 2: The Dead

My personal favorite one grin  I’m a big ghost nut, though : 
Urban Legends Series: Ghosts

The most questionable one, in terms of validity, in my personal opinion:
Urban Legends: UFOs

The strangeness behind some inventions:
Urban Legends Series: Origins

You get to vote in this one! 
Urban Legends VI: Fact or Fiction?

This one is one they revisit and present additional evidence:
Urban Legends VII: Evidence

Despite that some are obviously not true, they are very fun to watch, and provide good conversation!
Warning: Some of these movies are quite large, so they may take some time to load.


“Go ahead, threaten me like you have the American people for so long! You’re part of a dying breed, like people who can name all fifty states! The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Oh sure, maybe not as much as landing on a bicycle with the seat missing, but it hurts!”

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