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Posted: 23 May 2007 11:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Well, E Howard Hunt, a CIA man, made a death-bed tape available for listening at CoastToCoastAM, George Noory Show.

The link shows Howard’s photo in Dallas that day, held after being picked up as a street bum in Dailey (Daly ?) Plaza that day.  He states it was a CIA job, perhaps a rogue element, and that LBJ was the guiding force behind it.  His role was stand-in backup.

This is recent, about a week or two old, and quite plausible.

Newly released forensic evidence (a conincidence on the timing) shows the conclusion of the Warren Commission regarding how many bullets were fired was incorrect; while there is no proof of how many bullets were actually fired, it may have well been more than one.  (That one bullet, if in fact it was truly one, did remarkable things, like bounce off bone matter and reverse course, then re-enter JFK or John Connelly [riding with him], inflicting more lethal damage.  Quuite a remarkable bullet, it was.

Of course, a second bullet, if it existed, would have had to been shot from the other side of the Plaza from Lee Harevey Oswald’s perch, as its trajectory was opposite the one shot by Lee (if he indeed shot).  Therefore, there was more than one gunman.  And in turn, there was an organized conspiracy.

Yes, this is an old story, but it sure is a big one.  A sitting President shot and killed in daylight in front of hundreds of people, and no one really knows who did it.  And if it can be done to a President with impunity, it can be done to anyone, even Simon Cowell, you know?

Those of us alive and beyond early childhood still recall the exact moment of hearing the news, I was in Sophomore Spanish class, it came in over the PA system.

So, to me at least, this is a big deal.  And to the credibility of our governemnt, it is also a big deal.

Okay, thanks for bearing with me.

Dan, always ready to flog a dead horse but still sober and still attending them meetings, thank you

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