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Nadia Comaneci named Foreign Ministry!
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[April 1] Nadia Comaneci named Foreign Ministry; Karolyi is back!
Bucharest, London, and Langley-Virginia
  Bucharest/ Former Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci will be named as Foreign Ministry during next week, Romanian Prime Minister Tariceanu has announced today after an urgent meeting with Nadia Comaneci and former tennis players IIlie Nastase and Ion Tiriac.
  “It’s a great honour and a great responsibility, but I’m confident I will succeed due to may last 10 years of experience gained around the World in different projects”, said Nadia Comaneci for romanian-gymnastics.com this morning. She will take her position next week, after the Laureus Sports awards ceremony.
  What about Nadia’s little boy Dylan and her previous engagements around
the world? “The Romanian Government will provide me a (rented) Concord plane, to save time by shortening my overseas trips (from 8-10 hours to only 4).
  At Nadia’s suggestions, to solve the crisis from Romanian gymnastics, Bela Karolyi has been offered the position of head coach of Romanian Gymnastics Team. He accepted and will arrive next week at Deva. He already gave first instructions over the phone and new locks and window bars will be mounted next days at girl’s camp.
  “I have to use the Good Old System to bring Romania back on the First place, where she belongs”, said Karolyi during a phone interview. “I’m on a hunting trip right now, need to kill more innocent deer first to be back in shape, but I will do whatever it takes to bring the Gold in Beijing Games”. Yeah, we know, whatever it takes…” I will also bring back Andreea Raducan on the Romanian Gymnastics Team! I told her, if she wants to get from IOC a Gold medal, she has to won (another) one, in Beijing!”
  This news has caused some emotions in Deva, both positive and negative ones. The Romanian gymnastics team had their day off on Sunday and they were all gone to have one of their Last Trip to the cake shop. “We have to store & hide as much chocolate we can, it’s our last chance before Karolyi’s arrive” said team leader Sandra Izbasa. “Our coach Nicolae Forminte let us to buy what we want and have the mobile phones with us, but we need to re-learn those little things which helps nadia’s generation to survive starvation and depressions-like chocolate and making plans to bring and hide chocolate.”
  Nadia Comaneci named Foreign Ministry!

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See this is one that would have fooled me if I hadn’t read the article carefully. smile

In fact when I first saw the headline, I thought it was real. I didn’t think it would be out of the ordinary to appoint a celebrity athlete as a foreign minister.

Oh, and welcome to the forum smile


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