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DocuSunday: 3 part documentary by the BBC about “Gladio” (the semi-(il)legal state(s) sponsored terror network).
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These documentaries were originally aired on BBC2 in 1992.
Each is approx. 50 minutes, but well worth watching and contain some graphic images.
However the story is much more shocking then the images.
Well worth watching.

(special for MadCarlotta: educational!)

The first of three programmes about `Gladio’, the secret terrorist network operating in Europe. Discusses the network’s creation, after the end of the Second World War, from a group of Nazis remaining in occupied territories, and in resistance to the rise of communism. Reveals the role of the CIA in the political affairs of post-war Europe through their manipulation of `Gladio’ and the network’s influence in the internal affairs of almost every European country.

Part One

Second of three programmes exploring the influence of `Gladio’, a state-sponsored terrorist network organisation operating in Europe. This programme examines the Bologna railway bombing in 1980 ostensibly by the Red Brigade. The programme argues that the Brigade had been inflitrated by right-wing agents who conducted a series of atrocities that so terrified citizens that they called for greater state security.

Part Two

Third of three programmes exploring th influence of `Gladio’ a terrorist network organisation operating in Europe. This programme examines the kidnapping and subsequent of murder of Aldo Moro.

Part Three


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