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Rumour: US Military Attempt Arrest of Vice President Cheney, 3 Reported Dead
Posted: 02 March 2007 01:40 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 12 ]
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BurningFIREs - 01 March 2007 12:22 PM

Wish people had a clue.

I do, actually. . .

And it doesn’t matter how much security they have.  They are almost impossible to stop. Security?  Yeah right.

I’ve stopped them often enough!  grin

Blowing up an airplane is simple.  Sneaking onto and engaging in a firefight on one of the world’s most high-security aircraft that’s under the eyes of dozens of news cameras and the security personel of at least two countries without anybody on the ground noticing is a tad trickier.  Not to mention incredibly stupid.  Besides, you seem to be overlooking the little matter that, assuming they did sneak onto the airplane and try to take the Vice President, then they were stopped by a few Secret Service agents.


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