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Another Weird Animal Relationship
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They have a fearsome reputation, but one Rottweiler is proving that the breed has a softer side by helping to rear two lambs.  Molly has been using her maternal instincts after lambs Lucky and Charm were born with complications on a farm.

Her owner Maria Foster, 38, from Forden, near Welshpool in Powys, said Molly slept with the pair at night, and even protected them from other animals.


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Haa~! The lambs are adorable! *coos*
I have a soft spot for things that bleat.

—slight change of topic but still related to animals—

A friend once posed one of those silly “personality” quizzes: If you were travelling the desert with 5 animals (lion, monkey, horse, cow, sheep), in what order would you drop them from your group? Each animal was supposed to represent a part of your life and the order represented what you were willing to drop/lose in the face of difficulty, but my other friends and I all argued (with the one who posed the silly quiz) that what was more telling was our assumptions and reasons rather than the order itself.

I dropped the animals in the order as I listed them, simply because I chose to assume I had all the means to care for them AND myself, and I kept as long as I could those which I thought couldn’t survive on their own in the desert without my help. (I assumed that because I’d pointedly asked the questioner WHY we were in the desert—she hadn’t said that they represented what you dropped IN THE FACE OF TROUBLE—but she just said it didn’t matter, and all she wanted to know was the order of drop. So I decided to make the context a non-depressing one for a change.)
2 other friends ordered their choices according to being in survival mode, assuming they had very little and possibly having to eat the animals. (Incidentally, both women are in civil service, famous for overworking employees and giving them little to work with.)
The one who posed the quiz dropped them simply based on how annoying she thought they were (so sheep was first to go because she would have hated the bleats! aww).

P.S. If you mentally “did” the quiz while you were reading this, and was wondering just for fun what the animals “stood for”, lion is pride (I shook my head vehemently - I didn’t think pride was the first thing I’d drop!), monkey is one’s children, horse is one’s passion, cow is one’s basic needs, and sheep is one’s friends.  rolleyes


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Smart dog.  Now if times get lean, it will have fresh lambchops available.


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