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Since it’s nearly Halloween, Curses seemed appropriate and there’re all kinds of curses on the internet, even curses for libraries of books:

Irish Curses…..  (note:  I just picked one I liked but there is an entire list…some are difficult to understand)
Six horse-loads of graveyard clay on top of you

These do-it-yourself kits should only be used in the direst of emergencies. Witch Doctor Spell Kits are for one time use and must be discarded within 24 hours after the spell is cast. Instructions are simple and take only minutes


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A variation on that first book curse:

This book is one thing,
my fist another.
If you steal one,
you’ll feel the other.

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For him that Stealeth a Book from this Library,
Let it change into a Serpent in his hand & rend him.
Let him be struck with Palsy, & all his Members blasted.
Let him languish in Pain crying aloud for Mercy,
Let there be no Surcease to his Agony till he sink to Dissolution.
Let Bookworms gnaw his Entrails in token of the Worm that dieth not,
When at last he goeth to his final Punishment,
Let the flames of hell consume him for ever & aye.


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