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Shrimp on a treadmill?
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Shrimp exercises on a mini-treadmill

It’s almost hypnotizing… It’s funny to watch his little legs go.


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I’ve seen little brine shrimp kits sold every now and then as pets for kids.  Sometimes the kits include things like “exercise tracks” where the little shrimp have to swim upstream against a bit of a current.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like an actual treadmill for the little guys, though.

On a barely related note, we have a guy here known as the Crazy Shrimp-Dancing Guy.  He has a roadside seafood booth during the warmer seasons, and he’ll stand in front of it for hours and waltz with the prawns.  It’s rather odd.  Sadly, he’s just recently packed up his shop for the Winter and so we’ll have to wait until next Spring to find out what new dance moves he’s learned.


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