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Which "Survivor" will CBS do next?
Religous 3
World Nations 1
Sexual Orientations 4
CSI: 2
Total Votes: 10
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More Racist Survivor!!!
Posted: 22 September 2006 02:22 PM   [ Ignore ]
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This deserves three exclamation points.

New Racist Survivor Theme

So… Anybody else lured into watching it from the controversy?
Because I feel really bad for that Hispanic that got voted off last night… But the black people will totally win.[/preconcievednotions]

Who up for religious Survivor next?
Christianity, Judiasm, Muslim, Buddism, Hinduism, and many more!
Or all the countries in the world!

CBS: Today racial stereotypes. Tomorrow, the world!


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Posted: 22 September 2006 03:14 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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We already have a thread on this here: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/forums/viewthread/2063/

But this poll is a little different.

As mentioned in that other thread I don’t watch and am not interested in Survivor.  But didn’t they already do a “old versus young” series?  And a “men versus women” series?

So why wasn’t there a big discussion about those discriminating teams?  Because those are socially acceptable, but race isn’t?

I really don’t see a big deal about having competing races as long as it is done fairly, doesn’t promote stereotypes and doesn’t involve or promote hatred.  Just like I’m guessing those other series were since no big stink was made.  From what I remember of reading the article when it first came out long ago, they went through quite a process to make sure they got contestants of different races who were not racist so they wouldn’t have those problems.

So why not a religious show as long as the same standards are kept?

But, as I said, I don’t watch the show.  So I could be completely off base in how things are handled.


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Posted: 22 September 2006 04:20 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]
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I think that they will put a ringer on each team.  The ringers will feed each other information and be fed outside information by the producers for the sole purpose of creating chaos and paranoia.  Their existance will be revealed about three quarters through the game and their tribemates may or may not vote them off.  However, in the meantime, the producers have recuited two more spys from the remaining tribemembers…...


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Posted: 22 September 2006 09:01 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 3 ]
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As a Survivor junkie, I of course watched last night.

I think they made a gross mistake deliberately losing the challenge, as a tactical idea, but whatever.  I am kind of confused why the guy (already I forgot his name!) even signed up for Survivor, he did not seemed to be too interested in playing the game.

Interesting, Tah, about doing a great deal of work to get contestants who are not racist themselves.

Personnaly, I do not see much here to make a controversy out of, it is just another entertainment medium, the contestants are all volunteers, they know what they are getting into, and the show has always been a pretty classy operation.  Remember, the first winner, dear inmate Richard Hatch, was openly gay and walked around bare-bottomed all the time.

Unlike, say, Montel or Jerry Springer.

And it does look like a fair grouping, and of course they have the obligatory beautiful women in scanty outfits, so all is well from here!

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