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Luke Wilson, Jimmy Buffett in the movie “Hoot”
Posted: 17 September 2006 06:55 AM   [ Ignore ]
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This is a “family” film that should appeal to you grownups and your little ones.  I was surprised it was rated PG because at one point a kid mouthed the word “damn” and it came out “dang”.  (I confirmed this from IMDB )  Apparently the “violence” warranted a PG because there’s a bully involved and somebody gets a broken nose.  Go figure. 

I read the book as I do all of Carl Hiaasen’s.   The books are wonderful, but not child friendly, however, they cleaned this one up very nicely for film.

Luke Wilson, whom I love is the cop, but the main reason to see it is Jimmy Buffet does all the music and does a great job playing the teacher.  I kept wanting him to go into song in the middle of class.

The scenery is to die for.


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