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Story of girl getting tossed from KFC hoax
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I know that I would be instantly suspicious of a story like theirs, but then, I post on this site. The public, it seems, doesnt apply the sniff test to anything it reads on the web before passing it on.

So congrats family, you’ve made a few bucks at the expense of Millions in revenue to KFC. I hope you survive the backlash.

Story of girl getting tossed from KFC hoax

The heart-wrenching story of a disfigured 3-year-old child being asked to leave a Jackson KFC because her appearance was scaring other customers was a made-up story that resulted in the family bilking the public and professionals for more than $135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries, sources with deep knowledge of the investigation said exclusively to the Laurel Leader-Call.

The sources spoke on the condition of strict anonymity because they were not permitted to speak on the record.

Of the findings, the sources said:

[Long list of findings]

More than $135,000 has been raised through an online donation site, gofundme.com, since June 13.

The fund was created by Bates on April 28. The funding before the chicken caper came from seven donors for a total of $595.



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This does not surprise me in the least.  There is always going to be someone who will try and take advantage of others and pull scams.  Even if it was for a good cause it’s going to be interesting to see the backlash against them.


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