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Japanese stem cell breakthrough exposed as a fabrication
Posted: 02 April 2014 05:27 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Story here.

Japanese stem cell breakthrough exposed as a fabrication

A JAPANESE research institute will punish a young female scientist after a probe found a groundbreaking study on the production of stem cells was fabricated.

Riken institute head, Ryoji Noyori, who jointly won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2001, said in a statement he will “rigorously punish relevant people after procedures in a disciplinary committee.”

The punishment is expected to be meted out to lead researcher Haruko Obokata and her more experienced colleagues.

The move is a huge blow to what was touted as a game-changing discovery, published by 30-year-old Obokata along with other Japanese researchers and a US-based scientist in the January edition of British journal Nature.


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