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Authorities are leaning more toward zero tolerance of teenagers
Posted: 06 May 2013 10:41 AM   [ Ignore ]
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While Baby Boomers are retiring en mass daily, the Social Security trust is shrinking because there are now basically 2 working individuals on shrinking salaries now putting funds into the trust for every 1 individual collecting, and simultaneously those same working individuals are being pressed from the opposite side by teenagers who, like all teenagers before them are instinctively designed to rebel against authority, hate their parents, tirading that adults do not understand them because they are different from all who came before and know more about life than those who ever lived and are now living and are more savvy with technology including games, texting, posting, chatting, video taping and reserve the right to write music and lyrics that rake the souls of any gender not their own, any age not their own, any country not their own, any religion not their own, any perspective not their own and hold the right to say what they wish, when they wish, to whomever they wish over the entire globe while mistakenly believing they are protected by the age of minority from being prosecuted as an adult….. EXCEPT the globe does not recognize ‘age’.

To which I remind that while we felt the same surges at the same age, we were at least confined to smaller and safer venues, were more controlled by responsible adults around us….at least most of us were and a few still are. We were given enough rope to hang ourselves, yes, but thankfully that rope was a lot shorter before the globe became so accessible and small and this is what you have, so God Bless America (and forgive me, because it’s also hard to prosecute a senior citizen pressed into a senior moment with a failing brain - at least I can claim that):

Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess

Authorities are leaning more toward zero tolerance of teenagers who fling around online threats about acts of violence or terrorism. As a result, what might have once merited a slap on the wrist may today result in criminal charges. ——continues at link


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