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Critters do love buttons…....
Posted: 10 March 2013 09:28 AM   [ Ignore ]
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We had to get FuzzyButt a new cd player-boombox for his music. Usually I keep his covered because he’s fascinated by the buttons which, like all his other toys and soothers that have buttons do start music when pressed… but his cd player doesn’t respond in the same way to buttons pressed by little boys with beaks. He obviously became very upset when none of the buttons would work for him so he tore all of them off! A little bit like humans who knock over their computer when it won’t work right or just toss it out the window.

Erik is now putting the new one inside the glass-front cabinet that holds FuzzyButt’s DVD player TV so that both will be protected from little boy’s who like to press buttons…..

THEN I saw this video and was enchanted that FuzzyButt is not the only critter who likes buttons that make music.  However, this guy’s activity (as I understand it from other articles) was disturbing the neighbors so his ‘owners’ put a nanny cam up (we keep 2 trained on FuzzyButt) to see what was up:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5we2rAggjas  This really is ...cute even if he does make a racket.


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