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Conversations with wrong numbers
Posted: 03 March 2013 06:56 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I came down stairs this morning still wiping sleep from my eyes when Erik told me my son just sent a picture to me over my cell phone.  He pulled it up and both of us looked at it and couldn’t really be sure what we supposed to be seeing.

So I sent a text reply back and asked ‘what am I looking at’.

I got an immediate response, ‘the army flag’.

I was confused as to why my son would be sending me a photo of an army flag hanging over a mantle I didn’t even know he had either so I replied again, ‘oh, I’m still rubbing sleep from my eyes’.

Another immediate response, ‘I’m on my way’

Again I was astonished since my son lives in Ohio, a 10-hour trip.  I thought I should say ‘be careful’ or ‘okay’, but then I looked at the phone number which was NOT his….............  I thought maybe that last was a second party, not my son, so I went to Face Book to see if he had posted the picture there.  When I didn’t see it I suspected I’d been having a conversation with someone who was on the way to someone else’s house who didn’t know they were ‘on the way’, nor had they seen the photo either and what the conversation was going to be like for them when both realized I was not ‘him or her’ (hopefully it ended well).

In the meantime my daughter-in-law, when she found out, laid down the law:  ‘MOM do NOT talk to strangers!’

——-Actually, she’s right.  Some years ago a friend of mine wanted me to meet a gentleman friend of her husband as a blind date.  He was going to call me so one Saturday morning very early I answered the phone and talked for quite a while with the gentleman on the other side.  I accepted a date, we went out and I thought him sort of peculiar.  On Monday I asked my friend about her husband’s friend and told her he was not quite what I had expected.  She then informed me that her husband hadn’t yet given my number to his friend!  The other guy later confessed he had dialed me by accident. 

Telephones are dangerous to me.


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