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If one is illegal, why isn’t the other?
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I remember seeing the movie a long time ago,
To be honest it wasn’t very memorable,

There’s a scene in a zoo where the animals stage a revolution, you hear the revolution being stopped by gunfire, but don’t actually see it.  (I vaguely recall you hear shouts of defiance from the animals that echoes somethingi n an earlier scene)

It’s a lot of Surrealistic stuff, the clip you’ve shown is probably the most memorable bit.


Smerk the cutest dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
In Western Australi

Little Accipiter loved that girl enough
He told her jokes and crazy facts
And other forum stuff

Smerk the cutest dragon:
Traveled cross the sea,
To hunt her prey in foriegn lands,
And snuggle with Acci!

Smerk the cutest dragon
Is getting married now they say
Though little Accipiter
Has yet to name the day.


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