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ITV hoaxed in the UK
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ITV has admitted that This Morning was the victim of a hoax following a story about a new celebrity sp*rm bank.

CEO Dan Richards appeared on This Morning on Tuesday to discuss FameDaddy, the “first celebrity sp*rm donor service”.

But the broadcaster said it now appears Mr Richards did not run the website but was “an actor working for a TV production company”.

ITV has apologised to viewers who were “deliberately misled by this stunt”.

FameDaddy’s website states its “soon-to-launch service” will offer a list of “celebrity donors from the worlds of sport, entertainment and finance - all leaders in their fields, with a proven track record of success”.

Its sample donors includes “a rock star with annual earnings of £40m and an aristocrat in the House of Lords with an income of £5-10m”.

More at the link. One word has been edited because I seem to recall this forum is funny about certain words.

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Unless the child is made heir to the millions I don’t see why it would matter where the donation came from


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