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September 1st - International Bacon Day!
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gray I was lost about ‘Mabus’ too, still sort of am.  However on the other topic about bacon…....eating it raw????? BLECH!!!  all that rubber fat?  I used to eat a couple fried slices now and again and then would be in violent pain so, ... no way!

On the other hand, I spent my entire life depending on peanut butter as a mainstay.  Every day I’d be sick with reflux and nauseau.  It wasn’t until this past year, having to use Zantac ALL the time that I started removing stuff from my typical diet thinking it must be milk that I could no longer tolerate.  It took months but eventually I discovered that after ALL these years my favored food was killing me.  I’d been buying natural and even making my own from fresh peanuts so I thought it must be the oil of the peanuts….....wrong again.  I can eat the oil with no problem at all and even use peanut oil to cook/fry with, but NOT the peanut. 

BUMMER….but on the other hand, now, when I really want it, it take a zantac first.


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