Not really hoaxes or news, but about the “silly season” in the UK press
Posted: 30 August 2012 07:49 AM
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Just thought it might be of interest to the MoH.

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Silly season.

In The Netherlands we call it “komkommertijd” or “Cucumbertime”. The name comes from the times (long gone, like last century, when most of you were born) that there was no more news (summertime… nobody around, and the 50’s and in need for positive things) and the only thing they* could come up with was “who has the biggest/curved/straightest and/or first”.

And as of then it also became a bit of a hunt/race for the first/best “komkommerbringer”.
Always a bit of race to be the first with a “cucumber-break”.
That´s why some icebears get more news than others. If born in summer: celebrity. If born in winter: nada          

Ah well, the good ol´days. This summer the dutch news is totally f-upped with bolitics.

(so said the ol´ news timer, when news came from real shit…)

* they as in newspapers, tv was still something of an experiment.


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