Jamie Hyneman’s 444 recipe
Posted: 21 July 2012 04:57 PM
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I like Mythbusters and I came across Jamie’s food recipe here. Has anybody tried it? I don’t know what to make of it.

how to make the 444

Depends on the season,and varies every time, but the last batch: white peaches blueberries bananas papaya

cooked carrots spinach bell peppers tomatoes

cooked wild rice fat free refried beans cooked kashi pilaff tofu

In as equal as possible quantities (blueberries might be less - but load up - one of those big bags of spinach, maybe a half dozen or so cans of beans….) And anything else you want to put in (although I don’t put animal products in there because this should have enough protien and there is no need. I’ve also done versions with a bit less lemon juice and a fair amount of chocolate to bias the flavor - it works well when using the wild rice and other grains that are kind of nut like.By the way, I avoid nuts because they are too dense - the mix as it is you can flat out drink, although you are inclined to chew a bit because of the grains- nuts you would have to chew unless you powder or paste them)

Everything goes into the blender. I generally end up with about 5 gallons of the stuff and freeze it in around half gallon containers which is about 2 meals. Alot of work and hard on the blender. Add about a bottle of red wine as a preservative, and a fair quantity of lemon juice to bias the taste toward fruity - otherwise all the flavors are confusing to the palate and would make you gag. Also add a fair amount of olive oil. Use the above liquids to help push the stuff through the blender- even add water or juice as needed.


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