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Please be aware that the real hoax on the invention of email is BBN and RAY TOMLINSON.  After having read the site, http://www.inventorofemail.com.  I can assure you that BBN and RAY TOMILNSON are NOT the “inventors of email”.  Many journalists, who simply cut and pasted articles by Gizmodo, have done a huge dis-service to the public and Dr. Ayyadurai.

This “journalist” Sam Biddle (Gizmodo) can’t even get the story of an Internet dog “Boo” right. And people expect this character, to get the story of email straight?!

Check out http://www.inventorofemail.com—it has the facts.

Noam Chomsky, the most eminent scholar of our time, has said his piece on the invention of email by Dr. Ayyadurai.

We deserve the truth from our journalists! The attacks on Dr. Ayyadurai are just not right.  VA Shiva Ayyadurai invented email. Those at BBN did not.  If anything, their multi-billion dollar PR machine has been promoting their HOAX for many years, through false claims of industry insiders, who believe they on the history of email and the Internet.  Kindly expose it.

Moreover, I suggest you take a look at this recent blog posting of Prsicilla a woman blogger:


She, like you was caught in the sensationalism of Gizmodo, and has now taken a more objective view.

I do enjoy your site, but this is just not right—- Ayyadurai has been seriously treated unfairly.

Warm regards,
Jim Riffel

Documentary Film Maker.

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HonestyCounts - 02 June 2012 05:23 PM

Check out http://www.inventorofemail.com—it has the facts.

You mean it has the (claimed) facts you want us to accept.  You forget to mention that the website you want us to look at for the “facts” was created by V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai. 



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