Death of WWE Wrestler Owen Hart : Was it really murder?
Posted: 01 June 2012 06:34 PM
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Leading up to the tragic death of Owen Hart at WWF(E) Over The Edge in 1999, Owen Hart was rumored to have refused a major storyline angle with WWF, leading him to have the campy Blue Blazer gimmick as some say a punishment. On the night before the Over The Edge event, the officals tested a harness that would be used to lower Owen from the rafters 50 feet above the ring in a stunt related to his gimmick, the problem was that the harness they were using was not made for that type of thing, but Vince insisted on using that anyway.

Was Owen’s death really a well planned murder by Vince Mcmahon and WWE?

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It seems unlikely. They would just sack him if they didn’t want him anymore. Most wrestlers kill themselves through the physical and drug abuses they put themselves through.