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Posted: 23 April 2012 08:12 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Ok.. so this one takes some explanation:

In the 1960s, a grade-school science teacher in Zambia tried to make his own ‘space program’. Prospective astronauts were pushed down a hill in barrels, or launched from swings… crazy stuff.

So.. today, a spanish photographer has decided to make photographs ‘documenting’ this process, as absurd as it was, by staging photos. It’s not really a hoax, but it’s art, of something that.. yeah, it’s just weird.

I think I broke my brain.



1: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If it does what it says, you should have no problem with this.
2: What proof will you accept that you are wrong? You ask us to change our mind, but we cannot change yours?
3: It is not our responsibility to disprove your claims, but rather your responsibility to prove them.
4. Personal testamonials are not proof.

What part of ‘meow’ don’t you understand?

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