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They say you either love Marmite or you hate it - and it seems Kiwis can’t get enough of it after low supplies of the sticky substance sparked ‘Marmageddon’ fears in New Zealand.

New Zealanders have taken the impending shortage extremely seriously, with fans hoarding jars of the stuff before it runs out.

Stockists have reported shoppers panic buying baskets of Marmite, while the country’s prime minister, John Key, also revealed he is running dangerously low on supplies and has begun rationing the popular British food spread.

Marmite manufacturers in New Zealand say they will dispatch the last remaining supplies of the product this week after its factories were destroyed in last year’s devastating earthquakes in Christchurch and production came to a halt.

‘I can confirm there was a rush on Marmite yesterday,’ said a spokeswoman for grocery chain Foodstuffs.

‘Clearly Kiwis took the news of the impending shortage very seriously.’


I can understand their concern - I’d be stocking up too! big surprise


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