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Worms from the Sky!!!
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I can’t believe we missed this one!
(Though I admit that the publication date gives me pause…) cool grin

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A PE class had to run for cover as it started raining worms.

Teacher David Crichton was leading a group of pupils playing football at Galashiels Academy when dozens of the invertebrates began plummeting from the sky. The 22 second-year boys had to abandon their lesson

Mr Crichton said the children had just completed their warm-up when they began to hear “soft thudding” on the ground.

The class then looked to the cloudless sky - and saw worms falling on to them.

Mr Chrichton, 26, said he was baffled by the incident, with teachers later finding more worms spread across a tennis court almost 100 yards away.

Mr Crichton said: “We went out to one of our outdoor areas - an all-weather Astroturf pitch.

“We were out playing football and had just done our warm-up and were about to start the next part of the lesson.

“We started hearing this wee thudding noise on the ground.

“There were about 20 worms already on the ground at this point. Then they just kept coming down.

“The kids were laughing but some were covering their heads and others were running for cover for a while.

“The just scattered to get out of the way.”

The teacher scooped up handfuls of the worms that had fallen from the sky as proof they had landed on his class.

Mr Crichton said he and his colleagues eventually found about 120 worms after checking the artificial football pitch and tennis courts.

He said the children had not stopped talking about the incident since it happened on Tuesday.

“I spoke with the science department here but none of them had any explanation for it,” Mr Crichton said.

“One of them thought maybe it was a freak weather thing.

“But it was such a clear, calm day.”

Kenny McKay, headteacher at Galashiels Academy, said: “The event does coincide with a significant change in the weather in recent days and so could be the result of an unusual meteorological event.

“The students and staff of Galashiels Academy are rightly proud of their school for many reasons, including its record in sport and its beautiful environs.

“However, we never thought we’d be famous for such a strange event.”

“None of the students were hurt, although they did find the experience quite bizarre.

“None of them will ever forget the day at school when worms fell out of the sky.”

Wiggly wind

Showers of worms falling from the heavens have been reported in the past.

The incident in Galashiels is believed to have been caused by freak weather over a nearby river lifting water and worms and dumping it over the road.

Similar events were recorded in 1872 in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1877 in Christiana, Norway, and in 1924 in Halmstad, Sweden.

In July 2007 a woman was crossing a road in Louisiana when large clumps of tangled worms dropped from above.


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Bah.. just get one of those three-man slingshots and a few buckets of bait. Launch them from the next block over.


1: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If it does what it says, you should have no problem with this.
2: What proof will you accept that you are wrong? You ask us to change our mind, but we cannot change yours?
3: It is not our responsibility to disprove your claims, but rather your responsibility to prove them.
4. Personal testamonials are not proof.

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I don’t care…...........this really IS freaky!!!


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So I got curious since we do keep hearing of this really ODD happenings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raining_animals


The following list is a selection of examples.
[edit] Fish
1555 engraving of rain of fish

  Singapore, February 22, 1861[13]
  Olneyville, Rhode Island, May 15, 1900[14]
  Marksville, Louisiana, October 23, 1947[15]
  Bhanwad, Jamnagar, India, Oct 24, 2009[16]

  Lajamanu, Northern Territory, Australia, February 25 and 26, 2010,[17]

  Kerala, India, February 12, 2008[18]

  Loreto, Agusan del Sur, Philippines, January 13, 2012[19][20]

[edit] Frogs and toads

  Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, June 2009 (Occurrences reported throughout the month)[21]
  Rákóczifalva, Hungary, 18–20 June 2010 (two times)[22]

[edit] Others

  An unidentified animal (thought to be a cow) fell in California ripped to tiny pieces on August 1, 1869; a similar incident was reported in Olympian Springs, Bath County, Kentucky in 1876[23]
  Jellyfish fell from the sky in Bath, England, in 1894[24]
  Worms dropped from the sky in Jennings, Louisiana, on July 11, 2007.[25]
  Spiders fell from the sky in Salta Province, Argentina on April 6, 2007.[26]
  Scottish school children are hit by worms during PE class on a cloudless day, April 1, 2011.[27]

Explanations are there too, or at least best guesses from the folks most likely to be able to grapple with the happenings. 

Sometimes the animals survive the fall, suggesting the animals are dropped shortly after extraction. Several witnesses of raining frogs describe the animals as startled, though healthy, and exhibiting relatively normal behavior shortly after the event. In some incidents, however, the animals are frozen to death or even completely encased in ice. There are examples where the product of the rain is not intact animals, but shredded body parts. Some cases occur just after storms having strong winds, especially during tornadoes.

However, there have been many unconfirmed cases in which rainfalls of animals have occurred in fair weather and in the absence of strong winds or waterspouts.


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UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: ‘I am because we are.)”  So, I AM because WE are

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