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]“Death” of “Amy Winehouse” alias “Lady Gaga” was an illuminati joke about the “Death” of “Osama Bin Laden” alias “Hussein Obama II” alias Barry Soeto
Posted: 21 March 2012 06:26 AM   [ # 23 ]
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daveprime - 21 March 2012 05:01 AM
Unfairly Balanced - 20 March 2012 12:08 PM

“The Iluminati kill everyone who reveal their secrets, but I am posting to every single message board I can find!”

I have never killed any one of them.



Going back to what Robin brought up…... Having lived with someone with such thought processes for several years, I can attest that they also seem to live in their own little reality bubble.  They truly believe that what they think is happening/has happened to them and in the world is absolutely true.  They can have their actions recorded on video and yet when they say something odd happened (“The town mayor and four of his friends had me over for dinner Tuesday night.”)the will stick to that belief even when shown the evidence that there was NO WAY such a thing could have happened. (They were in a hospital ward 500 miles away that entire week.)

They will merely ‘invent’ reasons why your evidence must be faulty.

The truly scary thing is that these people can be utterly convincing to a newcomer because the newcomer senses that the ill person believes whole-heartedly in what they are saying.  Superficially, they appear to be warm, rational, normal people.  If the newcomer only has a casual contact with the person, it can be some time (if ever) before they start to notice the little signs that something is “not quite right.”  :gulp:

I won’t go in to how they begin to invent persecutors in order to explain missing evidence of what they are saying… :shut:

Christ that brings back memories, especially that bit about them seeming normal to people who just casually meet them. It really puts you in an awkward situation when they get that kind of reinforcement of their own belief that they are acting “normally”. To this day I still can’t give my home phone number to a certain person because I know they’ve rung people in the past at inappropriate times of the night. I have a silent number (i.e. my home phone is unlisted).

If somebody wakes me at 3AM for no good reason they’ll hear the worst kind of swear words coming from me that’s for sure.


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I do that when folks call me at 3 PM... Mind, I work nights, so I have an excuse.

But anyway… the problem with such folks is that their reality makes more sense to them. They not only see connections that aren’t there, they also don’t see connections that are there. Trying to convince them that something isn’t the way they think it is sounds as crazy to them as their notions do to us.


1: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If it does what it says, you should have no problem with this.
2: What proof will you accept that you are wrong? You ask us to change our mind, but we cannot change yours?
3: It is not our responsibility to disprove your claims, but rather your responsibility to prove them.
4. Personal testamonials are not proof.

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The way I finally explained it to the kids as they were growing up was:

When talking to a person in their own reality bubble, what you say may sound to YOU to be rational, but the person hears “Tuna Basketball ran swimming bicycle.” :gulp:

Oh! And the words they use don’t always have the same meaning you would Think they would.  To a normal person “open” is innocuous enough. To a sick person, it could mean anything from evisceration with rusty spoons to a ham & cheese on rye sandwich. And it can change every time they use it. 😕 :shut:

Now excuse me whilst I go and shudder in the corner for a while…. :gulp:


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Amy did not deserve to die.  However, the preceding comments are too silly to deserve life.

Isn’t life strange?

Dan the butt-head

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