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Video from 1980 surfaces with an unidentified french guy making predictions (9-11, Obama, 2012)
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Look how the vinyl collection is prominent.
The furniture is 70’s thrift store for sure.
And aren’t those modern stone washed jeans?

Oh and did I mention the bad acting?



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I can make scarily accurate predictions about things that happened in the past too.


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And frolicked in the autumn mist
In Western Australi

Little Accipiter loved that girl enough
He told her jokes and crazy facts
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Traveled cross the sea,
To hunt her prey in foriegn lands,
And snuggle with Acci!

Smerk the cutest dragon
Is getting married now they say
Though little Accipiter
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I’m quite sure it’s authentic, it even says 1980 right there in the corner.

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I’m sorry for being ignorant, but…did Los Angeles get bombed? Sorry, sorry.

I apologize for playing the devil’s advocate, but personally I find it intriguing like everything else on this site. As far as his acting goes I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It seemed to have just the right amount of ‘‘ugh’‘s and ‘‘em’‘s to look like he was considering what to answer, plus the man seemed genuinely annoyed at the end. The fact that this video hasn’t surfaced earlier rings a far louder alarm for me than his emotional responses do. If it were authentic then I believe it would’ve gained attention as soon as the Soviet Union fell in 1992. What a coincidence that it finds it’s way to the Internet as the 2012 craze is at it’s peak. Nonetheless it’s a fairly well-executed hoax, so kudos for the one who dug it out. We’ll see if this guy was right in 11 months.

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