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Among the Truthers
Posted: 23 June 2011 04:45 PM   [ Ignore ]
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A blog devoted to the analysis of conspiracy theories and the people who believe them


I did a search to see if anyone had pulled this particular blog before and while I can find the term ‘truthers’ which is typical and expected, I couldn’t find this particular blog.  Erik sent me the link after he had listened to this gentleman on I think NPR and some of the theories were so preponderously out of wack that we wanted to read down through his ongoing search for the stuff people believe. 

This blog is maintained by Jonathan Kay, author of the HarperCollins book Among The Truthers. Follow the author on Twitter @jonkay.

Hour-long interview with Dan Rodricks at Baltimore


SilentTone: hulitoons blog of just plain silliness?
UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: ‘I am because we are.)”  So, I AM because WE are

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