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Was A 1980’s Russian Probe Destroyed By Aliens???
Posted: 11 May 2011 06:15 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Interesting. I ran across this today doing other , um, “research”. cheese

Apparently in the final moments before the Phobos probe went “dark”, a large shadow can be crossing the surface of the moon it was to have dropped a mobile rover on.  Some think it MUST be aliens…. gulp

On March 31, 1989 headlines informed that Phobos 2, before losing contact, captured some strange photos of an unidentified object. Phobos 2 operated normally during its cruise phase, traveling the millions of miles from the Earth to Mars with no mechanical problems. It successfully gathered data about the Sun, Earth, Mars, and the interplanetary medium. On March 27, 1989, as it approached within 50 meters of the moon Phobos, it was set to drop a mobile “hopper” lander and a stationary platform. But just before doing so, contact was mysteriously lost.

Could it be that the moon of mars is occupied with aliens that don’t want us to interfere with alien operational plans? Statements from Alex Collier certainly confirm this (moon and mars lecture). He claims the Mars observer was captured by the Reptilians on Mars who work together with the Grey’s on the moon & Phobos.

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