“Firefly” to re-run on Cable, with Extras!!
Posted: 20 February 2011 02:50 AM
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Huzzah!!! :wow:  :cheese:

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—Browncoats rejoice: “Firefly” is returning to basic cable—and Nathan Fillion has something to say about it.

The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the cult-hit and will air the series in its short-lived entirety, plus some new extras. Science Channel will wrap each episode with interstitial segments starring renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show’s sci-fi concepts.

According to “Firefly” studio 20th Century Fox, this will mark the first time “Firefly” has aired on a fully distributed basic cable channel since 2008, when it ran on USA Network.

In honor of this occasion, star Nathan Fillion took a brief break from shooting ABC’s “Castle” today to jump on the phone and answer five “Firefly” questions—including whether he’d ever reprise the role of Captain Mal again. That interview and more details about Science Channel’s “Firefly” plans below:

See link above. 😉

ETA: Great comments on the Original Article.
(And here i thought Crafty and i were the only “geeks” that missed the show!)  :red:  :lol:


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Anne and I love Firefly. Own the series on DVD and the movie Serenity on DVD. (Got them both before Blu-Ray was the thing - and they were out on Blu-Ray - otherwise we would own them in that format. Not spending the money to switch them up now.) In fact, we just watched the entire run again together last summer.

I probably won’t bother recording these re-runs of it, though. Not a lot of sense recording them when I can watch them whenever I want. Though the extra sciency content would be fun. So maybe I will.

Also, when you’re watching them, Dave and Crafty (and anyone else) make sure you keep an eye out for the Han Solo in carbonite model that appears in every episode.

And for the record, I do have one of these shirts.


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