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Man-eating python? (Or, man who had a really bad day.)
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Hello from a newbie. I wondered if there was a website that I could submit some photographs I have had for years and ask if anyone knows the reality or unreality of them.  The one below seems to depict a tragic encounter between a massive Python, here dead, with belly sliced open,  and an (apparently dead also) man who is IN that belly.  Obviously, the inference is that snake-ate-man.  But in the age of Photoshop, I am curious whether anyone else has ever seen it, and what people think.  I have others that show the snake ostensibly before being cut open with a massive bulge (man size) in the belly and other angles of the same photo, suggesting it’s genuine.  But if I weren’t a skeptic, I wouldn’t be here!

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That picture was featured on snopes.com a while back:


Snopes discredited the old story that went along with the picture but didn’t have an explanation where it came from. At least it’s a little comforting that whatever went down, it didn’t happen recently.

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