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Happy Birthday, Daveprime!
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Thanks again everyone. i had a great day!

And we put off the whole birthday party/presents things until today to take care of sending #2 son into the army and whatnot.  We combined my birthday celebration with that of my 8 year old grandson, so presents were handed out aplenty! cheese
(presents,presents,presents!!!) surprised

I got some pretty cool stuff.  let’s see:

Wireless headphones (Now i can listen to my “yucky” podcasts while i do dishes!! And Crafty won’t have to!) smirk

A pound of Zimzilla Coffee (PREMIUM Java!!) cool grin

Mille Bornes (A childhood favorite!) wink

Stink Pretty!

New Laptop Battery!! (YAY! Mobile Computing!!) LOL

And a plethora of fine books like:

“David Eddings’ : “Belgarath the sorcerer”  “Guardians of the West”
C.J. Cherryh: “Fires of Azeroth”  “Pride of chanur”
David R. Palmer: “Emergence” and “Threshold”  (Come to find out, after looking online, that the copy i have of “Emergence” is currently selling for $78 US on Amazon!) gulp

The grandspawn got a wide assortment of toys as well, including an “Iron Man Spark”. (The circular thing in the middle of Iron man’s chest that glows and is supposed to provide his power.)  this one sticks to the front of his shirt (with a magnet) and lights up and makes ‘power up’ noises when pressed.  that and a tray full of Bakugon figurines.

This was topped off with Black forest cake (with homemade, from scratch chocolate frosting and cherry pie filling. snake

All in all a WONDERFUL time!! cheese smile


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