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Who is doing what?
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With so many agencies it


“By the sweat on our brows, and the strengths of´╗┐ our backs…Gentlemen. Hoist the Colours! And you, madam, I warn you, I know the entire Geneva Convention by heart!”
Trust me.

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Seems like a lot of money and resources being spent here. It’s reminisent of the Stasi, but better paid! I think if all these employees and money were being used elsewhere (health, science or some other betterment of humanity) it might be a better use of resources instead of living in some sort of paranoid environment fearing that someone is going to ask the wrong question. As it says later in the article, these “secret” agents stand out a mile, and people in the commuinty can see things developing, even though it’s supposed to be hush hush.

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