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Carnosine and Glutathione
Posted: 17 March 2010 09:43 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 45 ]
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N E O - 12 March 2010 03:08 PM

Why do we allow these threads that are a total rehash of existing threads to remain open?  There is already threads to discuss patches and their obvious powers.


The poster, Sian from France, started this thread because she is not discussing patches.

Sian, who has cancer, posted:

“This discussion is separate from the Lifewave patches and homeopathy discussions; I am not concerned with those issues here, but I do want to find out more about the two substances, carnosine and glutathione; also beta-alanine, a component of carnosine, or a substance that interacts with it.”

If you have any insights into the substances she mentions, I’m sure she’d welcome your input.


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