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An old idea of mine (a review)
Posted: 27 February 2010 10:22 AM   [ Ignore ]
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A few years ago I was getting so tired of the constant trash being produced in the
name of comedy in America, both in the cinema and in the way of sitcoms
that I had the idea I would write one.

My intent wasn’t really to write a funny comedy but to highlight the trash that
seemed to be coming out on an almost daily basis.

For a start every character in the screenplay/sitcom I wrote would be swearing
with every sentence. I’m talking strong swear words such as ‘F’ ‘MF’ and their ilk
secondly the conversations would all be about bodily functions and sexual positions.
I was going to fill the thing with people farting and soiling themselves.
This all seemed to be stuff that I found totally purile and yet seemed to dominate
the comedy world.

What ever I wrote I was going to ensure that I didn’t let a single actual joke get
through. Nothing actually funny was going to find it’s way into my intended screen play

I didn’t write it, first because I didn’t think I could take the crassness and secondly
because I actually feared that with the type of comedy being produced these days that
some big movie executive was going to see it and think it great. I’d end up adding to the
misery and probably asking for a Smithee which I wouldn’t get.

The point to all this. My wife and I went to watch a movie yesterday. We went mainly
because we liked the lead actor. Suddenly I realised that I hadn’t been the only one to
have the idea I described above. The guy who made this movie had obviously had the
same idea, as I feared the movie company had jumped at the opportunity and had
even gotten an actor the caliber of Bruce Willis to be in it. Shame he wasn’t hired
as the lead but rather as the straight man to some non-entity that couldn’t act. On the
other hand I doubt it would have been watchable even then.

Cop Out was awful, I’d advise everyone not to go and see it.
However my wife and I did walk out after about thirty minutes so maybe it got better
(Idoubt it, but maybe)


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I thoroughly intend to watch (rent) this movie for the exact reasons you mention.  The “non-entity” you mention (Tracey Morgan) happens to be the star of an award-winning show (30 Rock) that I watch weekly, used to be on another show (SNL) I watched weekly for his antics, and has been in many films I enjoy (mainly as a cameo or small role - Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, etc.)!  Your script sounds hilarious, and I think we are two people who just happen to disagree about what’s funny!

There are a relatively small number of films that Bruce Willis has been in that I actually enjoy.  Most of those have been dark comedies (Breakfast of Champions, Death to Smoochy, etc.) and not action.  While this seems lighter in tone, a buddy cop movie with two of the funniest people I know sounds like a good time.  I would certainly not waste the time, money and effort to experience it in a movie theatre, however.  That’s reserved for what I call “Good Films.”

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Sounds like total tripe and I applaud you for voting with your feet Shar.  Yuck.

All the more reason NOT to go to a theatre this year. shut eye


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