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To Haiti’s Long List of Curses, Add Pat Robertson
Posted: 23 January 2010 12:37 AM   [ # 23 ]
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I am hoping the Rush Limbaugh’s main reason for stating that we are already give aid to Haiti in the form of our taxes was meant to say this: If we are sending so much money to them, when we ourselves as a Nation are in so in debt, why are they still so poor and struggling?  It’s a shame that Haiti has suffered so much.  I do get angry with the heartbreaking pictures that are constantly barraging the networks of childrens’ cartoons.  I don’t want my children seeing images of other children covered in blood, being carried out of ruined buildings.  I don’t want these images in their heads, or having them hear about how many are dying and if we’d just send more money, it would fix the problems.  It’s not that I think they should have their heads in the sand, I just wish I had been given the power to decide what they saw in relation to the disaster.  Neo and I don’t let our children watch shows that have gore and violence in them.  However, it seems when it’s a real life event, things that are horrific for the mind, are suddenly perfectly sensible to show on daytime television.  Even if it’s Cartoon Network.

I nearly threw up from several images that have been shown on the daytime TV channels that are meant to be kid friendly.  The one with the mounds of bodies covered with multiple white sheets, and someone walks by and pulls back a sheet to see if they know of the dead, it’s just not acceptable daytime images.  I’ve managed to change the channel a few times, but I really feel in some ways we’ve lost our compassion as a nation.  These people are having a horrible time of it right now, and we are posting the worse pictures we can find for the shock value.  It feels as though the pictures and images the media is sharing is meant more to shock than it is to inspire others to help out.  And that’s my two cents on the matter.


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