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1: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If it does what it says, you should have no problem with this.
2: What proof will you accept that you are wrong? You ask us to change our mind, but we cannot change yours?
3: It is not our responsibility to disprove your claims, but rather your responsibility to prove them.
4. Personal testamonials are not proof.

What part of ‘meow’ don’t you understand?

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Pretty good. the only thing missing was the blatant mis-spellings and messed up syntax.  It is what a scam letter is supposed to sound like… cheese


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I loved it, but I have to agree with Dave. If it doesn’t start “Compliment of the day, it is my pleasure to identify with you” or include at least one baffling line like “It quiet Unfortunate that he was short by Gunpoint” it’s just not quite a proper scam.
Though it is still pretty fantastic.

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