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Top Ten Horror Films of All Time!
Posted: 20 July 2010 09:07 PM   [ # 23 ]
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John Carpenter’s The Thing

Posted: 24 September 2010 05:09 AM   [ # 24 ]
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De Lift (The Elevator)

Both by Dick Maas and fun horror movies.

He is now working on a horrormovie about “Sinterklaas”.


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Posted: 29 September 2010 01:42 PM   [ # 25 ]
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Ok this is going to be hard…so far on the lists we have

John Carpenters THE THING (personal favorite):
not only was it close the the story it was an insainly technical special effects movie that in my opinion still holds up way better than anything today or cgi wise

Evil Dead 2 (potentially the greatest movie of all time)
need i say more?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
most people haven’t even seen this movie and label the most gory horror film of all time…their is just one blood squirt and a lot of bones….what makes this movie so terrifying was the FAMILY dinner table scene (which was copied in all of the sequels…i will give the remake credit for not using it, helps it stand apart from the original with ought hurting it but what the remake did do was up the blood and gore again something the original did not rely on)

Cannibal Hollacost…i dont see this on too many lists (not for the faint of heart…or for anybody for that matter)
i think it is safe to say that this is the most fucked up movie of all time (what is done to the humans is fake but to the animals….not so much) this movie inspired an entire sub-genre of TRUE grind house films (not the Quentin Tarantino garbage that completely missed the point same with Rodriguez). Often imitated but no film maker has had the balls to surpass (not a bad thing)
but what is DROKKED up is the fact that the core of the plot was completely ripped off and repackaged…and sold to the public as ORIGINAL!!!! im on to you Daniel Myric and Eduardo S


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